phoebe the photographer gets a camera by beryl ayn young

phoebe the photographer gets a camera by beryl ayn youngYou may be the primary memory keeper for your family, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be the only one.

Kids love cameras! And as your love of photography increases, your kids will want to take pictures too. Ready to watch their confidence soar as they learn photography WITH you?

Start kids off on their photography journey with a book that’s going to inspire them to ‘chase the sun’ and have FUN taking photos.

introducing phoebe the photographer gets a camerachildren reading phoebe the photographer gets a cameraAbout to round the corner to her 5th birthday, Phoebe wants nothing more than a special super hero costume. When the big day arrives, however, something else is there to surprise her. Phoebe’s not thrilled with what awaits her, and has to discover that being a super hero comes not from a costume, but from the powers that lie within her heart.

About The Author

beryl ayn youngBeryl Ayn Young, Photo Mom and Mentor is a mom, photographer, teacher, and creator of popular classes to support parents in capturing the life they love. She’s excited for of the release of a new passion project: her first children’s book! A former elementary school teacher by day, she’s taken her experience in education and photography and written a story of creativity, resilience, connection, and fulfillment for camera lovers young and old.

Beryl’s work has been featured on The Huffington Post, PicMonkey, Mpix and Digital Photography School. She’s taught hundreds of moms around the globe how to use their camera to it’s fullest potential, as a tool to connect them in deeper ways to the people they love most in the world.

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phoebe the photographer has fans

marlene chiasson“This lovely written and illustrated book will teach your kids that each gift has a purpose in life and if you let them wonder and ponder what they can do with it, they will discover new ways to shine their bright light.” Marlene Chiasson


shannon dobbinMy six year old daughter loved this story and she loved Phoebe! As soon as we were done reading she grabbed our camera and ran outside to “chase the sun.” She said she wanted “to be just like Phoebe!” Shannon Dobbin


jen-hoffman-2“I am always on the lookout for books that encourage young artists. And this book does that beautifully. But it’s not just a story about a child creating. This story is also about the power we have to impact the world around us with our artistic expressions. Love love love it! We will be re-reading this book over and over.” Jen Hoffman

joanna wright“A one of a kind book! As a photographer, it’s rare to not only find a book to read to my own children about how children can fall in love with photography, but one that is written so incredibly well! My kids (age 8 and 5) LOVED this book, as did I! I can’t wait to read the next Phoebe the Photographer!” Joanna Wright