This is the mom podcast for women who are ready to find their true identity beyond mom.


It’s time to honor that you are so much more than ‘just a mom’. On the Recapture Self Podcast you’re invited to listen in to my series of conversations with photographers, artists, writers, bloggers, about how our creative pursuits have helped shaped our adult identity, and hear advice and wisdom on making time for your creative process while raising kids.

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our listeners say

13. WOW!

***** BT Savage - Feb 24, 2016

This is an inspiring, uplifting look at motherhood and womanhood!

10. Inspiring and real

***** Lizstyx - Jan 27, 2016

Fun, inspiring, real; I can’t wait for more episodes!

7. Always Inspiring

***** Serentitysu - Jan 15, 2016

Just finished episode #1 and am highly anticipating future episodes. Beryl is so relatable and down to earth she is just awesome to listen to. Love the high quality sound and wonderfully edited. Anything created by this woman is inspiring. Thank you Beryl, can’t wait for more!

14. Wonderful perspective!

***** Casey_OC - Feb 29, 2016

Beryl’s podcast episodes have provided me with such a refreshing an d wonderful perspective on motherhood and adulthood. As a fellow chronic hobbyist, I love her take on doing what you love and feel inspired to do and leaving the guilt in the dust. Her attitude about life is great and this podcast will leave you feeling good about yourself.

11. Beautiful and Engaging Podcast Voice

***** MarleneMDC - Feb 8, 2016

I just listened to podcast 1 & 2 and they are truly inspiring. Everything Beryl does brings insight, awareness, and inspiration to be in the “here and now” and to do the things you love most your way without feeling pressured or guilty to follow the unbeaten path. The podcasts are funny and very well edited. Congrats Beryl on your new journey! I’ll be listening.

15. Fun & Fresh!

***** KarenPatten - Sep 7, 2016

I love the idea of freshness! This was so inspiring - I’m definitely one who doesn’t always complete my projects and moves through many ideas! I can’t wait to keep listening!

6. Ahhhhmazing!!

***** YogaJenH - Jan 14, 2016

I will admit, I have been begging Beryl to do a podcast for a year now! The first episode was well worth the wait! Beryl is inspiring and empowering. Her joy is infectious and her wisdom is a beacon of light. Can.  Not. Wait. For more!

12. This is a great one!

***** Sgt. Storm - Feb 17, 2016

Very inspiring and one of a kind. Straight from the heart.  Must listen.

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