It’s the winter that never ends, let’s bring in some warmth shall we?

In case I haven’t mentioned it, this has been a winter that has tested every single ounce of patience I know how to muster.

My husband and I have thrown around the idea of moving to Florida, I can’t seem to get out from under my never ending to do list, and in all honestly I’ve been struggling STRUGGLING to find my happy place in the midst of just doing what needs to be done to keep everything and everyone else moving forward.

During times like these I often like picking up my camera to reset.

But other times I need to find other ways to stay sane.

Today I’m sharing 5 of those things that have brought me a bit of warmth, sparkle, and positivity even in this winter that seems to never end.

I hope you can use these to find your ‘happy place’ today too.

Wrap yourself up in fleecy anything

19I now own at least 5+ fleece blankets, 2 sets of fleece sheets (AMAZING!!), and fleece lined leggings. Fleece is in abundance here when it’s winter (and even when it’s not!).

Wear some sparkle

It’s no secret that I LOVE my friend Tova, the ‘Muchness Queen’. She teaches women who are feeling down, dark, lost, etc…how to rediscover their joy. And she does that primarily through encouraging them to wear sparkles to jumpstart the process. She radiates this insane positive energy and I’m loving her latest product release: Muchness Necklaces.  She’s even generously offering 10% off through the weekend when you use code ‘beryl‘ at checkout. So go get your sparkle on now!

Make your home more homey

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 9.09.56 AM-1

Why not do some ‘spring cleaning’ a few weeks early? While couped up inside I’ve found it to be cathartic cleaning out the closets, clearing out clutter, and doing a bit of redecorating. One of the favorite things I did this past week was even create a new canvas gallery for our master bedroom on my new favorite site: Simply Galleries. This week is even their launch week so if you head over to their Facebook page you might just find a good deal to create your own too!

Try this app


Waterlouge. It will set you back $2.99 but it seriously makes anything, ANYTHING look a bit more beautiful. This app turns your photos into watercolor paintings so you can become an artist without having to pick up a paintbrush or make a mess.

Find beauty in the ordinary


The other day in a fit of snowy winter boredom, Brie and I picked out one of her favorite rocks in an ever growing collection on our back porch and painted it. We made it her pet rock, we named him Fred, and he now lives in her Klip Klop castle with all her princesses and my little ponies. It was simplicity at it’s finest, but a heartwarming moment filled with laughter and mess and pure joy.

YOUR TURN: What are YOU doing to bring warmth and happiness into a never ending winter? Tell me in the comments. And, if it’s not winter where you are, can you help a girl out and send some warmer weather my way? PLEASE! xo.

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