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mom, noun \ˈmäm , ˈməm \ to care for or to protect

Momtography IS A COMMUNITY for women ready to explore their creativity and confidence while caring for a family.

Our community is made up of a diverse mix of moms raising babies, running after toddlers, juggling school aged kids, tending to an empty nest, or even caring for furbabies, parents, or good friends.

Here being a mom doesn't always mean having a little one at home, it simply means being fiercely devoted to family while craving – and making – time for yourself, too.

Our club offers photography education and a creative community for moms who want to beautifully capture, develop, and preserve life’s memories, while staying present and joyful in the process.

We know, when you slow down and capture life from a new perspective, you'll find deeper connection and confidence yourself.

And when you do that, you'll welcome the feeling of being more mindful and courageous in daily life...

Our Founder

there was a time when I didn't see myself as creative...

... because I never felt ‘good enough’ at any of the art forms I pursued. And I pursued quite a few...

At age 8 I started my first journal. In middle school I took watercolor and art classes. In high school I was a devoted member of the school choir and theatre club. In college I loyally led our Circle K community service group. In my 20s I discovered scrapbooking.

Then in 2009 I fell in love with digital photography. It was the perfect way to document the exciting time of becoming a mom - but after the tragic loss of our first daughter Bella Rose at 20 weeks pregnant the camera became my lifeline to greater healing and deeper self-discovery.

A year later in 2010 I became a mom for a second time when I gave birth to a beautiful, vibrant, inquisitive, blonde hair, blue-eyed, rainbow girl we lovingly call ‘Little Miss Sunshine’. Every day she teaches our family the importance of joy, free-spiritedness, and love.

And she reminds me that even though I may not feel like a supermom, I’m always super in her eyes.

These stepping stones have taught me that I am enough just as I am, that everything I do is actually an act of creativity, and that personal fulfillment lies within our creative expression.

Never in a million years would I have guessed that a camera and my creativity would ultimately guide me to change the trajectory of my life, my career, and my dreams.

But that’s just what it did, when I decided my life’s purpose was to mentor other moms how on re-claiming their identity using a camera and their inherent creativity as a guide too.

fun facts

My husband (I call him my Calmer) and I met when I was still in High School while working at our favorite store — Target!

We knew our first house was the right fit for us when we found out it would be built on Beryl Terrace. (Yes, I lived on a street for five years that shared my name. And no, the street was not named after me.)

I’m a lover of coffee, Mexican food, retail therapy, personality quizzes, and Disney World.

I’ve lived with chronic illness since age 5 and I was the poster child for the National Arthritis Foundation Telethon when I was five years old. Even though chronic illness presents it’s share of challenges, I’ve never let it hold me back from big dreams.

I’m a hater of housework (especially laundry!), large crowds, oatmeal, perfection, and cold weather.

I was a double major in college: Psychology and Education – and I’m now blending my two skills into a business that I never dreamed possible!

Spiritual practice is an important part of my daily ritual and I pull Tarot cards for guidance every morning as I sip my first cup of coffee.

My Myers Briggs type is INFJ – the rarest, most intuitive, yet oftentimes misunderstood type. I think my desire to dig deep into self-discovery stems from spending most of my life not truly understanding myself.

I’m always in need of a “project” to keep my mind and spirit alive whether it be home improvement, planning a women’s retreat, writing a children’s book, or learning to sew a new quilt or garment on my Bernina sewing machine.

My Calmer and I often dream of leaving the four seasons of Virginia behind (where we’ve both lived our entire lives!) and rebuilding a life in Florida basking in the sun and spending our days immersed in Disney magic. But our friends and family in VA have proved too precious to actually make the leap.

the recapture self team

Jen Doolittle | Community Manager

Jen is a mom and photographer who finds sanity in two things – coffee and her camera. Several years ago, she signed up for an online photography class not realizing the impact it would have on her life. Photography has given her a creative outlet to express herself and gives her the space to process and appreciate life as it is. Jen is a lover of documentary photography because it allows her to share what’s real and she believes being real is a whole lot more beautiful and meaningful than an image of perfection we often project to the world.

Beyond photography Jen enjoys doing art projects with her two girls, baking, knitting and making wire wrap jewelry. In nurturing her creative spirit, she has found her voice and discovered what she loves to do – supporting other women on their journey and encouraging them to find the beauty in their everyday. Jen is thrilled to be a part of the Recapture Self team and a part of your journey. Whether you’re drawn to photography or another creative outlet, she’s looking forward to being here with you as you explore your own creativity and identity.

Alison Monday | Web Developer & Tech Wizardress

Alison Monday wants to live in a world where it’s not a cakewalk for hackers to break into websites, simplicity wins over clutter every time + direct flights to Paris are insanely affordable. C’est vrai!

As a responsive developer + support system extraordinaire, she’s fixed/maintained/built/improved sites for amazing clients like Beryl for a decade.

When she’s not ruining the fun for hackers, you can find her throwing impressive amounts of weight around in CrossFit classes, working on flexibility in the yoga studio, carrying on serious conversations with Brutus + Pixel (her 110 pound bullmastiff + 85 pound lab/pitbull/mastiff mix, respectively) or whipping up tasty meals for her + her husband.

how to be an active part of the recapture self community

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