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Hi! I’m Beryl…coach for aspiring photographers!

I started a photography business completely by accident. In fact…when I got my first DSLR camera, it took me an astonishingly long time to understand how to use it in manual mode. But despite that fact I started a blog to share my photos as I was practicing and learning. Not too long after, people started asking if I had a business and how much I'd charge for a session. I spent those first few years with extreme “stage fright” during every shoot, worrying that everyone would hate their pictures. I am 10 years later with a photography business I never dreamed was possible. As a former elementary school teacher, my true calling is helping others. I followed that love of teaching and passion for photography to develop the "Momtography Method", fostering confidence in moms from behind the lens of a camera. Now, I've helped thousands of women around the world use their love of photography to build their dreams. And I'd love to help you build yours too!